Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Austin G. Hunt Funeral

Here's the pictures taken at my Grampa's funeral. Great guy. You can see by the group photo he had quite the posterity. Over 30 grandchildren, about 30 great grandchildren and even a few great, greats. We all loved him. He was 99 years old.


Black and white hawaii

Some black and white Hawaii shots


Here's a gallery of me and my family back in the 70's


Monday, July 3, 2006

Me and my niece Gwen. She gives the best hugs.

Salmon Falls. Beautiful waterfalls on Highway one right before Big Sur. This was an amazing drive. Discoveries like this are totally worth the price of a trip to the mainland.

My sister Sienna and Mikey, floating in Gaviota Hot Springs
Gymnastics back at Jesse's house in Irvine. The kids are getting better at their handstands.

Jellyfish at the Hunnington Aquarium. Those things are endlessly fascinating.
The kids walking to the beach on our first day in California. Left to right Gwen, Mikey, Minami, and Miriam. Mikey and Minami are mine. Mikey's pretty cute in the wetsuit I thought.

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